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At War With Nature

Vinnie Santino - At War With Nature

Vinnie Santino brings together some of Los Angeles' top jazz musicians to hammer out his original jazz compositions. The first track actually features every member of Sam Butera's band. This is the only professional recording of this band in existence. Other tracks feature members of Royal Crown Revue, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Ellis Marsalis' band.

Trumpeter Lee Thornburg of the Tonight Show band is featured on half the album while Scott Steen of the Bette Midler orchestra tears up the other half. Bassist Lyman Medeiros takes a vacation from backing the pedestrian sounds of Steve Tyrell and Michael Buble' to break free and rip down some of the hottest bass lines and solos you've ever heard.

Not for the faint of heart. These tunes are aggressive, intense and edgy. A powerful rhythm section supports some burning solos performed masterfully by some of the best in the LA jazz scene.

James Alsanders
Erik Apland
Mando Dorame
Fred Fiedler
Gabriel Johnson
Veikko Lepisto
Gary Matsumoto
Lyman Medeiros
Jay Miles
Gary Ponder
Rick Rossi
Robert Ruggiero
Vinnie Santino
Scott Steen
Lee Thornburg
Brandon Turchiano

Produced by Vinnie Santino

1) Hey Fuzzy Face
2) Anything But Triumphant
3) Dirty Sanchez
4) A Snort of Derision
5) Day of The Tomorrow Men
6) Chowderhead
7) At War With Nature
8) The Chocolate Trombone

Bonus Tracks:
9) Special Rate Sherry
10) Dirty Sanchez (Caffeine Take)

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