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That's Him Officer!

Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer!

In 2000, over an elaborate spaghetti dinner in the back room of his favorite North Hollywood eatery, Santino convinced the members of Royal Crown Revue to back him on his just completed collection of TV cop-show tunes, written specifically for shows existing only in Santino's own over-active mind. Royal Crown Revue, the band mostly known for their seasoned swing-chops, left their inhibitions at the studio door, spicing up Santino's compositions with fiercely-played horns and chugging-chase-rhythms. The result, "That's Him Officer!", is a genre-bending assemblage of bottom-heavy musical juice designed to give even the most timid driver the needed gusto to out-motor the L.A.C.H.P.

Vinnie commented, "Although I'm not really a fan of TV cop shows, I've always enjoyed TV cop show music. I wanted to make an album that explored that style of music. I didn't set out to imitate or revive the music of the past, but rather to compose new music that shared a similar feel and served the same purpose. The music on this album is intended to accompany opening credits, chase scenes, interrogation, and espionage. I recommend listening to it loud while driving."

Scott Steen - Trumpet
Mando Dorame - Tenor Saxophone
Bill Ungerman - Alto and Baritone Saxophones
Veikko Lepisto - Bass
Daniel Glass - Drums
Doug Yokoyama - Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Jacqueline Santino - Trumpet
Vinnie Santino - Guitar, Alto and Baritone Saxophones, Piano, Organ, Marimba, Electronic Drums

Produced by Vinnie Santino


1) Spastic Colon
2) Special Rate Sherry
3) Big Irv The Meatman
4) The Man With The Golden Peter Gun
5) Without Warning
6) Prehensile Tongue
7) You Gots A Reel Purdy Mouf
8) Sardonic Recovery
9) Natural Born Ugly
10) Emergency Fat Pants

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