Back Fire

Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer! - (Pacific Force, Inc. CD)

As far as I'm concerned, the best part of cop shows is the music which accompanies the theme songs and chase scenes. Two of the better examples include the "Peter Gunn" theme by Henry Mancini and the Ventures "Hawaii Five-O"

Vinnie Santino, with the help of the Royal Crown Revue, has put together this album of theme songs from imaginary cop shows. Santino, who plays over 35 different instruments, has been called "the most innovative composer since Frank Zappa." With screaming horns, pulsating bass and swing tempo he takes a Mancini approach to the music, using such tongue-in-cheek titles as "Spastic Colon" and "the Man With The Golden Peter Gun."

Regardless of your opinion of cop shows, this one is worth checking out.

- Bill Delisi

Photo Caption: Some people have nothing better to do with their money.

Back Fire - Vol. 5 #2

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