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Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer! - (Pacific Force, Inc. CD)

Mr. Santino claims that this is a collection of Original TV Cop Show Themes, even though he professes not to be a fan of said shows. Well, first it must be clarified that this is not themes from cop shows of today, but rather TV Land versions of cop shows. If you really listen to those tunes, the reality is that most of them are bad noir jazz that were done cheaply in order to give atmosphere to the show. So really this album is nothing more than half-baked original interpretations of themes and arrangments that were cheap and flimy to begin with. That's not much to sell off of, is it Mr. Santino? The fact that the talents of Royal Crown Revue are the backing band to Santino's guitar and keyboards only allows this disc not to descend into a complete turgid mess. Someone please, book 'em so we don't get more of these CDs.

- Repojay, Bite Me Music Reviews

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