Car Kulture Deluxe

Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer! - (Pacific Force, Inc.)

Now here is a guy who loves the themes from TV cop shows. Digging that scene he set out to write songs that were in the style of TV theme songs. Not trying to imitate, or revive that kind of music, but write new stuff with the same feel. This is some pretty cool stuff. No words, just the kind of music that you would associate with the beginning, or ending of a movie or TV show. You could probably find your very own theme song here! With tongue in cheek song titles like: Special Rate Sherry and You Got a Real Purdy Mouf, you get the idea that this CD is full of fun. Using some of the guys from Royal Crown Revue to fill in on the instruments that Vinnie doesn't play, having artwork by George Trosley and Dan Collins, means that this album is loaded with talent. A definite disc to listen to while taking a road trip. You can get the CD online at the website.

- Car Kulture Deluxe, Issue #4

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