Carbon 14

Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer! - (Pacific Force)

Larry interviewed Vinnie Santino and his lovely partner Jacqueline a couple years ago and since then, he's sent us all of his musical output. Just for the record that's been a lot of CDs and we've listened to every single one; he's a prolific fella and always has ideas cookin' for what's next. This project is a particularly interesting one to me because I love music like this. Namely, jazzy instro music; perfect for sipping cocktails to or dancing around the house in hot pants pretending you're in a Matt Helm movie. (Or if you really wanna get crazy, both at the same time.) Much like the Ramonetures, the key to this is the fact that these guys are damn serious about this music; they're not just playing around hoping to cash in on the retro revival trend. I don't really know anything about swing music but I think Royal Crown Revue has been playing music like this since before it was cool and Mr. Santino has had many a well-documented foray in this genre as well. The songs are expertly crafted and really could be themes from TV cop shows or movies. This disc will be the theme music to my next vacation.

- Leslie

Carbon 14 - Issue #21

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