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Vinnie Santino--"That's Him Officer!: A Collection of Original TV Cop Show Themes"
Pacific Force, Inc. PFCD-13

Vinnie Santino is a multi-instrumentalist who is backed on this release by the Royal Crown Revue for a set of original tunes influenced by TV cop shows from the '50s through today.

It's a jazzy, springy set of crime jazz that fits right in with the classic themes. The song titles are pretty goofy, especially "Spastic Colon," "The Man With The Golden Peter Gun," "Prehensile Tongue," "Big Irv The Meatman," and "Emergency Fat Pants."

It's instrumental music, though, so you can pretty much name 'em however you like. The performances and songwriting are excellent throughout--definitely on par with the classics. Fans of the Royal Crown Revue will definitely want to scoop it up--it's a slightly different sound (and all instrumental), but it retains the character and energy of the popular combo. (Pacific Force, Inc., 7095 Hollywood Blvd., PMB 477, Hollywood CA 90028)

- Sean Berry

Cool And Strange Music Magazine - Issue #26

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