Vinnie Santino - That's Him Officer: A Collection of Original TV Cop Show Themes
Pacific Force, Inc.

Hello everybody! Greetings from the Enigma dungeon. I hope everyone's weekend was a good one. I won't go into mine...its not worth it and most of you don't really care. So, let's get down to business. First up this week is an interesting pick I found on the desk--Vinnie Santino. Never heard of it? Me neither. Let's give a listen.

Now don't be fooled by the title of the disc. You're not going to hear the theme songs to Hawaii 5-0, Manix, or Dragnet. Instead, Mr. Santino composes new music in a style that would fit great into a new show. While listening to it I could just imagine the opening credits rolling by with "The Man with the Golden Peter Gun" or "You Gots A Reel Purdy Mouf" playing in the background. Even if you are not a big fan of TV cop shows, you can appreciate what he's doing here. All the songs on the disc have a great feel and beat to go along with it. The disc features The Royal Crown Revue, backing Vinnie up with a multitude of instruments ranging from baritone and alto saxophones, trumpet, and upright bass. These guys bring big band horns back to the forefront, for a sound reminiscent of the days of old. That being said, it is not a surprise that all the songs are jazzy instrumentals which have a toe-tapping groove, leaving you wondering when Dano is going to bust in and say "Freeze, scum bag!" And the chase down the alley begins.

Overall, it was an enjoyable listen. Big, blaring horns with a big band sound. I found that the up-tempo jazz feel with an occasional rocking guitar solo was an ingenious way to incorporate the sounds of the past in a contemporary setting, all the while keeping the music jamming. For those of you that have been stricken with the curiosity bug, I recommend that you lay your balls on the line and give it a whirl. Who knows what might happen?

Enigma 12/20/01

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