High Bias

VINNIE SANTINO - That's Him Officer! - (Pacific Force, Inc.)

"The music on this album is intended to accompany opening credits, chase scenes, interrogation, and espionage," writes composer/multi-instrumentalist Vinnie Santino in the liner notes to That's Him Officer! Specifically, the credits, chase scenes, etc. should be from 70s cop shows. Backed by nuevo-swingsters the Royal Crown Revue, Santino smooshes jazz, swing, rock and soundtrack music together on a groovy set of tunes perfect for your getaway convertible. "Special Rate Sherry," "Natural Born Ugly" and "The Man With the Golden Peter Gun" sound like long-lost tracks from a television-theme compilation, while "Prehensile Tongue," "You Gots a Reel Purdy Mouf" and the eye-catchingly titled "Spastic Colon" remind the listener of the sense of humor at work here. Which isn't to say this is a complete novelty item-the musicians know their business, and Santino writes this kind of music as well as anybody. That's Him Officer! is the kind of groovy grin-inducer that just wants to have fun-in a perfectly legal manner, of course. Somebody call Adam-12!

For fans of: Henry Mancini, Television's Greatest Hits, the Pogues' "Gridlock"

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