Cheesehead, P.I.

Billed as "a collection of original TV cop show themes," Vinnie Santino's 'That's Him Officer!' is a tasty stack of retro-Velveeta. TV jazz is an all-but-dead minor style that knew its zenith back in the Brylcreem days of Neal Hefti and Henry Mancini. Santino is a giddy hand at piano, guitar, sax, organ and bongos, abetted here by member of Royal Crown Revue. If you think the album format went downhill after 'Atomic Basie', then jump on the running board of the first passing Studebaker and, like, make for the nearest platter shop, Jackson. Or slap them crazy keys to

-Ron Garmon

Mean Street

Whittier, CA, August 2002

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